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TransForms RIA system is the most customisable, cost effective, data entry web solution currently available.

With an extensive and growing range of features, we are confident we can exceed your expetations, enquire today regarding our hosted web solutions or licensed product.

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Save & Continue
  • Applicants can save partially completed applications and continue on a later session
  • Autosave feature will automatically save a form at set intervals
  • Auto logout feature, automatically saves the form, log out after a set interval of time with no user activity
  • Auto creation of applicant account on first form save
Live Customise
  • All fields, branding, page layout etc can be updated Live, even while applicants are utilizing the system
  • Post go-live customisation, regardless of scope, does not effect the stability or reliability of the system
  • Unlimited customisation is offered as standard with the SaaS option
Web 2.0 Form Validation
  • Using our TransValid system, complex validation rules are a cinch
  • Validation occurs instantaneously, no waiting for server side responses
  • Ability to define complex validation dependencies between fields and across pages
Account File Repository
  • Powerful and fast applicant file repository
  • Applicants can upload, link, view documents to attached to your form
  • Applicant uploaded attachments can be used across forms.(e.g. signature pages)
Excel-like Tables
  • Ability to define table formulas, footer rows, grand total footers rows etc.
  • Highly configurable and auto populated tables, that help simplify complex forms
  • Configurable field data type format and masks, enforces data conformity
Management Reports
  • Ability for administrators to run a wide range of reports
  • Automated Daily Traffic Reports, sent via email to management
  • Ability to extract all applicant data into downloadable files
  • Extract files types include comma delimited db compatible files