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TransForms 2010 (V3.1)

- release date June 2010

* Now available for install

Management Enhancements

1) Automated System Activity Reports

  • The report provides administrators with information needed to identify system usage trends and assign appropriate resources to support peek usage times.
  • Additional customisation of Activity reports is available at client request, please request a quote plus additional tracking statistics required
  • Reports sent to designated support emails at set intervals (daily, monthly, weekly)
  • Report contains a graphical representation of system usage showing:
  • Amount of clients logged in during report period
  • Client account login's mapped onto a graph representing 24 hour/ 7 days/ month
  • Client Rich form usage (opened, saved, created, submitted) mapped onto a graph representing 24 hour/ 7 days/ month
  • Client file upload usage, amount of file uploaded and size.
  • List of support cases raised by clients during prior day/week/month.

2) Secure TransForms system using strong encryption (SSL)

  • All systems pages and modules have been updated to fully support strong encryption (called SSL V2). A strongly encrypted site, creates a secure communication channel between client browsers and the system servers, thus eliminating any possible hacking or eavesdropping of sensitive and protected data.
  • A trust icon is shown on bottom right of the log in module (mouse hover over shield to see organization details – your company details are should here)
  • To enable encryption within the system, additional 3rd party SSL certification and authority verification and configuration is required. Ask for further details on setting this up. For SaaS TransForms solutions, encryption is offered as a billable extra.
  • Note, that both secure and unsecure versions of the system can run in parallel, (in case a client/applicant is unable to access the SSL system due to possible network limitations applied at there place of work).
  • Encrypted systems are approximately 20% slower to load pages and resources, and may require more powerful server to support it.
  • After successful login, you will see a golden lock symbol in the URL bar at the top of the screen.
  • Click the lock, to see the website identification, click ‘view certificate’ to see the site security certification

3) New excel download link in management reports module

  • located above the results grid, right hand side
  • Available on all form type searches
  • This excel download can contains a mix of form types, allowing downloads of key form details across account.
  • This link when clicked downloads a complete excel copy of the data results shown in the results grid.
  • Please note- this new excel download feature is separate feature from existing excel downloads that handle the complete set of form data. These must be downloaded per form type (as each form can contain a different set of data)

4) Additional security added to Excel data extracts

  • Must be valid login, must be admin account to use excel data extract feature

5) Default start search date now automatically populated (if configured).

  • This is a configurable system setting, the start date can be set to x amount of months prior to the current date.
  • The feature improves system performance, by using limited default search (eg the last two months only). Resulting in faster searches and improved productivity.
  • On large databases with limited server resources, searching on all data may result in a non critical database timeout due to the large amounts of data that need to be retrieved.

6) Spawn forms – Auto-generated forms and data copy from parent form

  • Allows support for auto generated evaluation forms, receipt and invoice forms.
  • Additional configurable features allow for coping field data from the parent form to a new child(spawn) form
  • The auto-generate form feature is triggered by an applicant form event such as submitting a form.(via configurable db rules)

7)Admin generated form – new save popup list including “Admin Only” status type.

  • When an administrator is generating a new forms for a customer account, in some cases you may not want the client to see the form until additional information is entered into the form. A new status type “Admin Only” is now available, and when a form is set to this status the form is only viewable from the management history module and not within the client’s My_Account form lists. When you are ready to allow the client to view the form, then save the form as pending (status).
  • An elegant new dropdown menu system is now shown when you mouse hover over the save button, offering 3 types of save options. “Admin Only”, “Pending”, “Reviewed”
  • Only forms with current status of “Admin Only” or “Pending’ will offer this dropdown menu.

Client Enhancements

8) Rich Form – new calendar field control (generic field can be applied to any existing or new rich form)

  • A new field type called 'calendar field' using a web 2.0 popup dynamic calendar control, allows applicants to pick a date from the UI rich calendar control.
  • The new UI calendar field uses the same calendar control used within the management tools – form history module.
  • Calender control fields also allow key typed dates
  • New validation rules can force the applicant to a)enter only valid dates in format dd mm yyyy, b)allows only numeric keys and valid date separator keys within a date field c)auto converts 2 digit year into 4 digit

9) New Quick Link - View attachments files for selected form

  • This module allows administrators and applicants to quickly find recent files generated or uploaded for a selected form.
  • This quicklink is shown on selecting a form from within My Account module or Management History module
  • This is a configurable quicklink option and can be disabled.
  • These files include reports, attachments, letters etc. Existing method to open files requires time consuming opening of each form, or report module to find and access files.
  • When opened this module lists all files associated with a single form.
  • Files are ordered by created/uploaded date
  • Click on file to download and open

10) Multi-line text counter (shown on the right of textbox field types eg 18/500).

  • Dynamic character counters used to show amount of text allowed and current amount of characters entered.
  • Counters have been enhanced to reduce the UI clutter and create a cleaner easier to use form.
  • Counters are not shown until the applicant starts entering text in the textbox, or mouse hovers over the multi-line textbox.
  • Once focus moves to another field the counter is hidden.
  • Functionality compatible with and tested on Mozilla(Firefox, Opera), Internet Explorer V6, V7, V8

11) Enhanced Auto-Search popup tables.

  • Auto search popup tables are faster, with no flicking of table between searches.
  • Smooth transitional animation. Slide up and slide down animation now occurs when table is shown or hidden.
  • Additional instruction comment added to bottom of table to direct its usage “Click row to assign”
  • Table is not shown if no match is found during search.

12) Form Validation Improvements

  • On multi page forms - when moving between pages, all active validation popups and yellow highlighted styles are removed
  • Thus reducing UI clutter when viewing a new page, and improving user experience
  • On prior versions, when moving between pages validation was applied to all pages in the form

System Performance enhancements

13)30% performance improvement (faster) in loading(logging into) user accounts with very large amount of forms. (eg > 1000+ forms).

  • Note: The loading of an account is the span of time between successful account log-in and the My_Account page loading in full.
  • On small web servers, an user account with over 1000 forms can take 15 seconds or more to load up for the first time.
  • This performance enhancement improves account load times, accounts with over 1000 forms now load in under 10 seconds on a small server.
  • Performance gains are due to enhanced cache (data management layer), reducing the amount of database queries and type of data retrieved


  • Resolved - Memory leak causing excessive memory usage when using splash form images.
  • Resolved - Internet Explorer V8 – Quick links panel – no link hover animation