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TransForms 2010 V3.2

 - release date Aug-Sept  2010

TransForms V3.2

1) Admin module – Amend rich form field labels

  • This module will allow administrators to amend existing rich forms – field labels.
  • The module allows you to select an existing rich form, which then shows all the field labels for that form.
  • The admin user can then amend and save the field label changes as needed.
  • The amendments are immediately applied to existing rich forms. The next client load of that form will display the label changes.

2) Ability to save rich forms as a PDF download files.

  • This feature complements existing rich form printing options.
  • It allows applicants to download and save to their local machine.

3) Ability to set option that enables administrators to receive PDF copies of submitted forms.

  • Currently only option is to send a HTML type email containing a copy of the submitted rich form.
  • Due to Microsoft removal of support for HTML emails from MS Outlook 2007
  • This feature will allow admin staff using Outlook2007 to view and print pdf versions of submitted forms.
  • Currently the TransForms html emails are not readable within MS Outlook 2007, due to Microsoft dropping support for html email in Outlook 2007

4) Admin module – View IP Address log (Account login IP address record for a selected account).

  • This feature allows administrators to view an account IP address log history to identify unusual account activity.
  • The log contains the IP address and date & time when used.
  • Within this module, administrators can ban an IP address, or add an email generated warning associated with an suspect IP address

5) Admin module – change client account details

  • This new model panel will allow administrators to view and amend client account data, and view account audit log data.
  • Ability to enable or disable an account.
  • Ability to set an existing account as an admin account.
  • Ability to view and open all files associated with a selected account.

6) TBA April-2010